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"I have been coming here since I was 9-10 years old and it is the best dental office in town. The doctors are great and their staff is amazing. It all starts with the front desk ladies. They are very knowledgeable, greet you with friendly smiles and really make you feel comfortable. It really is a team effort in the office and I will recommend them to anyone"

-Michelle Moncada

"Awesome awesome awesome! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Jena was nice, understanding, performed great work and has perfect teeth! Loving my smile thanks to her and Diablo Vista Dental. I need to find an excuse to go back!"

-J Banks

"I can honestly say this is the best Dental office around. Dr. Fard, Dr. Dary, and the entire staff are genuinely nice and compassionate people. Dr. Fard has never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed for the dental work I need. He has always been reassuring, honest, and compassionate. Dr. Fard and the staff have always ensured I was comfortable and relaxed. Every time I call and to make an appointment or have a question; Kim is more then happy to help and I never feel like I'm an inconvenience. Every time I have needed an appointment I was able to get one the same day or the next. If you're seeking dental work and are looking for kindness, compassion, top notch dental work, and reassurance then this is the office for you. I could honestly write a novel about Dr. Fard and the staff, but I will end the review here with a BIG THANK YOU! To Dr. Fard, Dr. Dary and everyone at Diablo Vista Dental."

-Matthew Cloud

"I responded to Diablo Vista's ad regarding the newest advances in dental implants, scheduled a consultation to complete my process;(lower denture, the upper had been completed in 2012, with wonderful results).

With the newest in-house technology and a wonderful Dr. Omid and staff, I was really excited to begin the process of completing my dentures. This was completed in Feb. of 2015.

They feel and look wonderful, I had no pain. I am finally free of tooth loss, gum disease, etc,etc. I can eat everything, including steak, apples, nuts like with regular teeth. There is no slippage, you feel like you have your own "natural" teeth in y our mouth.

One of the greatest results is that there is no "palette" as there would be with a regular denture, as I sometimes had a problem with the "gag" reflex. There is none of that, you don't feel anything "foreign" in your mouth.

While you must still maintain good hygiene; the care is very simple compared to the cleanings etc that you usually require.

I highly recommend giving Dr Omid or Dr Ellie a call and schedule a consultation, whether you have a problem with one tooth or the whole mouth., these implants are certainly the only way to go.

This office is so friendly and fun, that I actually looked forward going to "visit". In fact I think I will just "pop in" from time to time and say HI and big "Thank You"."

-Gail Tieman

"Best way I know how to describe my experience with DVDC is you don't remain a customer with a business for over a dozen years or more if they were not doing something right. I was having dissatisfaction with my dentist prior to switching to DVDC when my wife,Thuy, recommended her dentist to me. Not only was DVDC conveniently closer to home, Drs. Dary and Fard prove to be very personable which lessens the anxiety of having to go to a dentist. My implants are quite the investment over time and have proven the expense and Dr. Fard's consultations to be worth the while. Dr. Fard has always shown an interest in my family well being especially during events of sadness as well as development of my children pursuits that have occurred in the past decade. the dental staff are quite friendly and always makes me feel like a family member. They are a very professional group and certainly know their profession well. I would highly recommend DVDC to anyone who are seeking a dentist."

-Dale Wong

Dear Dr. Fard,
I am enjoying my new implants so much, I simply have to tell you. It’s such a pleasure when I eat, not to be restricted in any way. I can not show this new creation in my mouth off much because of the location, but the joy and gratitude I experience is great. Thank you, thank you!! May the Lord bless you all richly. Hello to the girls.

Erna B.
Walnut Creek, CA

I, Doreen D. swear by the Diablo Vista Dental Care Team. I am so fearful of the dentist that I had stopped going for many years until Dr Fard and his team convinced me that my teeth are so important to my health. They work so well with my disorder/panic attacks. I trust them fully.

Doreen D.
Oakley, CA

Dr. Fard,
Thank you for giving me something to smile about! Your skillful dentistry and work is a credit to your profession. Your kind staff and well-run office make each visit a pleasure. I will recommend you at every opportunity.

Thank you again,
David M.
Fremont, CA

To those who are unsure about implants, I made that life changing decision. I wish I would have made it sooner is my only regret. There is nothing I can’t eat, one of the best decisions in my life. The staff and Dr. Fard have proven to be the best I have ever had. Words cannot express my appreciation for all they have done and how much it has really changed my life.

Thank you all from my heart,
Denice B.
Oakley, CA

Dr. Fard & Staff,
This practice has exceeded all my expectations. I am someone who is terrified of the dentist. The staff, to begin with has so impressed me. Everyone is so caring and courteous, and makes a patient feel a lot more at ease than any other dentist I have been to. We, my husband and I, are so blessed to have found your Dental Practice here in Oakley. Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary are wonderful. You take a genuine interest and have such a gentle touch. You are very sincere and I can’t say enough about you and your staff.

You’re wonderful!
Karen B.
Oakley, CA

I just want to say that I decided to go with dental implants after dealing with poor fitting lower dentures. I had a horrible smile and was constantly aware fo how badly my dentures fit, especially when eating. Dr. Fard did my implants and I am so happy! I smile everywhere I go and have received a lot of compliments. The process took a while, but I was very patient. The end results were perfect and I would recommend implants to all that need a beautiful smile with functional teeth.

Thank you Dr. Fard!
Gail G. Oakley, CA

Always an extremely friendly office, and one of the best dentists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Amanda Anderson

I really appreciate the professionalism at Diablo Vista Dental Care. Everyone is nice and greets you with a smile. The service is outstanding.

Kenneth Blackwell

This is by far the best Dental Care ever. Great Customer Service by the entire Team. Thank you!! Leo

Leo Carrillo

As always, staff is the best. I always feel welcome and comfortable, almost like family. Hygienist very helpful in her advice in caring for my teeth. Front desk personnel has always been friendly and helpful. I have recommended my neighbour to apply for a dental position with Diablo Vista Dental because her attitude would fit right in.

Dale Wong

Every visit is pleasant and the staff is always friendly. Thank you for making trips to the dentist tolerable lol

Michelle Tarantino

The level of care is always excellent at Diablo Vista Dental. The Hygienist (Lovely) was very thorough and professional. The front office staff (Cathy especially) was very help and extremely kind. I had a bit of a melt down after my visit due to the news I received and they really did their best to comfort and reassure me. Its no wonder that I love this place!

Kelli Murdock

Lovely, is exactly what her name is. She is very considerate, informative, and a very pleasant person. Her prior recommendations proved to be very useful. This visit, I received more praise and better results following her advice.

Karen Bjorklund

Thank You...!!!! For caring about my dental needs..I'm came in the office down and out.but left with hope....Thank You STAFF and Dr FARD

Jeanette Zanotelli

The experience was really off the charts... way beyond my expectations

Michalene McPharlin

Always a great experience. Great Friendly staff.

Norm Aaro

I always feel comfortable and very well cared for when I come to Diablo Vista Dental Care. Even the nurses/receptionists are very knowledgable, friendly and personable. I would recommend Diablo Vista to anyone who is looking for a caring staff of professionals who really care about their clients!

Karetha Haith

This is the best dentist in town including brentwood, discovery bay. Everyone that works here is the best. I feel like I'm in the spa. Amazing dentists.

Queen Overstreet

Your staff is always professional, friendly, and easy to be around - as any dental office should strive to be!

Terrie Rowland

Excellent experience. Takes all the childhood fears of going to the dentist and throws them out the window

Christopher Ridener

Diablo vista dental seems to always take care of my dental needs..i always have anxiety when i go to the dentist but the staff seems to put me at ease..Thank you diablo vista dental

Tammy Wagner

As always, this office was courteous, efficient, and profided great customer service. Always a perfect experience.

Joyce DeBene

Happy with Dr Fards work and how he explains things and how good he is with giving shots, I can't even feel it. And I'm a big coward when it comes to the dentist, not my favorite place. Lol , keep up the good work! Now I'm not afraid of going to the dentist anymore.

Jeanne Miranda

Thank you for making me feel so calm when I was a nervous wreck!

Michelle Maniatis

Awesome, my tech Victoria is absolutely wonderful. She told me about your in house dental plan since I'm losing my dental insurance. She was so tender and cautious while working in my mouth, it helps because I'm a super big chicken. Sweet to boot as well.

Sheena Burch

Best root canal EVER!!! The team at Diablo Vista are professional, kind and have a great sense of humor!!

Lori Millar

Excellent care as always! Cracked a crown on Saturday and was in on Tuesday to begin treatment!

Robert Pearigen

it was a pleasant experience, I was very happy with the hygienist who took care of me, easy going and she listened to my concerns. She did a great job.

Omar Sr. Blake

It was her first visit to the dentist and was a very happy experience. The entire staff is friendly, helpful and very professional. So happy we made the move to this group!

Cassandra Ochinero

They do a great job, very friendly staff and all the latest technology. They take all the extra steps to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Nobody loves going to the dentist but at Diablo at least I don't hate it!

Kerry Breen

I like that the feedback is positive during my appt. In the past, at different offices, I told I'm not flossing enough. Makes you feel like a little kid.

Dorothy Hodge

Dr Fard and Jennie made me very comfortable. AND were very patient with me. I feel great today. Thank You

Janet Riesterer

My dental visit was great. Staff is very friendly and the hygienist did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth. I have a great dentist. Barbara J. Payton

Barbara Payton

the office was clean, light and bright. The employees were friendly yet professional. The state of the art equipment was reassuring and exactly what I was looking for.

Suzanne Naylor

Great Job on my tooth. I was really nervous but it went very well. And I appreciate the patience of all of your staff. Kim is really really nice and has a lot of patience! :)

Margaret Graves

Excellent in so many ways, I've always been afraid of the dentist ever since I was a little girl. Until I found Diablo Vista Dental. Dr. Omid Fard made all of my fears disappear, not only making me comfortable by explaining in detail all of my options but also working with me financially. Diablo Vista Dental has a program you can sign up for less then $20 a month that includes 2 free cleanings a year and a percentage off of your bill. Thank you for everything, Alin Box

Jade Box

I'm a grown man still scared to go to the dentist. They go out of there way to understand this and help me feel more comfortable.

Dominick Gardiner

Who would have thought, that a trip to one's family dentist could be compared to a trip to your local spa!! Team- all you need now, to give it that spa ambiance, is to have Perrier lemon water or Fiji water, some exotic fruits and the piece of resistance warm towels for those weary travelers battling the trenches of Hwy 4 trying to get to their appointments on time... Yes, a warm towel for the face will take me away... and I don't mean CALGON!

Angel Aroche

I love this place! I actually look forward to going to the dentist because Dr. Dary & Fard do sleep dentistry...whhooo! Take a pill, wake up and everything is done! And to top it off they are the most personable, sweetest and caring people you will ever meet! So are the girls up front. They've been there a long time and are on it! Thank you all! Your the best! Kelli Dahlund

Kelli Dahlund


Anthony Jenkins

You helped me adapt to procedures that was scary to me. I'm so grateful for you and your staff's skill, kindness and patience.

Ann Butler

Great Dental office and staff. Would recomdend this office for quality of work, friendly, efficent and always ready when you arrive. They also have an insurance plan that is great! Call and ask about it.

Raul Ugarte

The caring, compassionate and professional staff makes every procedure enjoyable. The friendly atmosphere is so inviting. I have, and will continue to, refer friends, family and colleagues to this wonderful practice.

Veronica Gomez

EVERYONE is top notch in their service and making patients comfortable. This is the BEST dental group I've ever visited.

Lisa Heston

I absolutely love going to the dentist now! The Diablo Vista Dental Care team are such an organized, thoughtful and helpful group that work together to make the dental care experience as pleasant as possible. They keep you informed of appointments and help make the most of my insurance allowance. They really care about their patients and after major procedures like fillings, extractions and root canals my family always gets a concerned phone call from the doctor and when my youngest daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted they sent her a sweet flower arrangement and she was so touched that even though she is away in college she insists on coming home for teeth cleanings. Both doctors are extremely kind and thoughtful and it is evident that they treat their fabulous staff with the same kindness and respect that they show to patients. My family loves going to the dentist and the up to date dental equipment, X-ray techniques and the friendly service make the experience enjoyable. I just had my teeth cleaned and won't see them again for six months but I know I will get reminder emails, calls and they will remember me when I come back again. I love that.

Natalie Moreno

The employees here have all been very pleasant to me and made my visit as comfortable as can be.Thank you so much!

Nick Nakano

Everyone at Delta Vista is professional and personable. They were all welcoming, explained everything and made sure I was comfortable.

Gemma Wright

I'm very particular about my teeth, and was very happy my girlfriend referred me to Diablo Vista. I had a cavity with 3 cracked molars. I found The staff to be extremely nice and the Doctor very knowledgable and clear in her communication w/me. I was also very impressed with their updated equipment.

Lilian Stapelberg

the best dentist i have ever had in my 54 years--no exceptions!

Pete Quealy

It was great that they were flexible enough to change to the hygienist I wanted at the last second.. Not sure why it was changed in the first place. I was very please Vicky is the best, very gentle , thorough and professional.

Nancy Odhiambo

The staff is freindly and professional. Very wonderful to work with. I love this practice.

Lisa Heston

The staff is amazing and so kind. I feel very comfortable there and that says something because I have (maybe I can say "had" now) a huge fear of the dentist.

Jenny Smith

The staff is amazing!! They are friendly and caring. The amount of professionalism that is preformed is outstanding. Thank you to all for the great work!

Christine Montes