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Dental Implants Prevent Damage to Surrounding Teeth

Benefits of Dental Implants

Some of the key benefits of dental implants include:

  • Enhance the smile
  • Fill in gaps
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Preserve the facial structure
  • Stimulate the jaw bone to reduce deterioration

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Single and Multiple Missing Teeth in Oakley, CA

Many adults end up with missing teeth because of tooth decay or periodontal disease and will need a viable solution for replacing these teeth. Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary may recommend single dental implants, implant supported bridges, or implant supported dentures to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants Appear Just Like Your Natural Teeth

One of the best ways to replace a single missing tooth is by placing a dental implant in the area where the tooth is missing. Dental implants from Dr. Omid Fard and Dr. Ellie Dary continue to be a viable solution for replacing missing teeth in Oakley, CA and work just like your real teeth. The post of the implant is fused into the jaw bone and the crown is designed to look just like your real teeth. Dental implants do not require additional maintenance and can be a very effective long term tooth replacement option.

Replacing One Tooth With a Dental Implant

We may recommend replacing a single missing tooth with a single dental implant. The post of the implant functions just like the root of the tooth and the dental crown looks like your surrounding teeth. No additional maintenance beyond normal care is required.

Replacing Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have several missing teeth, we may recommend placing a single dental implant at each site where a tooth is missing. An implant supported bridge can also be used to replace multiple adjacent teeth, where dental implants are strategically placed to anchor the bridge. Implant supported dentures can replace an entire arch of missing teeth and can be either fixed or removable, depending upon the patient’s preference.

Dental implants are versatile enough to replace anywhere from a single missing tooth to an entire mouth of teeth. For your consultation in Oakley, CA, contact Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary today.