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See Dr. Dary Explain LANAP®

Why Should You Choose the LANAP® Protocol?

Some of the reasons LANAP® laser treatment may be the best option for you include:

  • Why Should You Choose the LANAP Protocol?24 hour recovery time
  • Majority of patients remain stable after five years
  • Less time in the dental chair
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Reduced Risk of Infection
  • Decreased sensitivity and less bleeding involved
  • Little to no gum recession resulting from treatment

Traditional vs. Laser Gum Treatment in Oakley, CA

Traditional gum surgery typically involves using a scalpel so the doctor can pull the gum tissue back and clean out the periodontal pockets. Cutting away some of the tissue makes it possible to reduce pocket depths, but this can cause some inflammation along with gum recession in the mouth. A minimally invasive alternative is laser gum surgery with the LANAP® protocol.

LANAP® treatment for gum disease does not involve any blades or sutures, so there is little risk of gum recession. The laser can target only the infected tissue so healthy tissue remains intact. It is extremely safe and the treatment is usually complete in one to two visits.

Key Differences Between Traditional Gum Surgery and LANAP® Laser Treatment

Traditional surgery can be uncomfortable and may involve some downtime. LANAP® treatment is a minimally invasive procedure so there is little pain involved.
Gum recession
Traditional surgery involves cutting away the tissue which can reduce the gum line. LANAP® treatment for gum disease is more precise, so there is less risk of gum recession.
Healing time
The healing time for LANAP® treatment is much faster than traditional treatment for gum disease, as patients can normally return to daily activities the following day.
Long term results
LANAP® laser treatment provides more predictable results than traditional gum surgery and stimulates bone regeneration. This process can also save healthy teeth.

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