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You Can Help Prevent Recession

Gum Recession Prevention in Oakley, CA

Tips for Preventing Gum Recession

There are several things you can do to prevent gum recession, including:

  • Using the right tooth brushing technique
  • Refraining from grinding and clenching the teeth
  • Getting treatment for misalignment of the teeth
  • Breaking habits that irritate the gums
  • Wearing a nightguard

Gum Recession – Prevention in Oakley, CA

If you have receding gums and want to restore your oral health, you will need to seek professional treatment with Dr. Omid Fard and Dr. Ellie Dary in Oakley, CA as soon as possible. A gum grafting procedure is a great treatment option available to reverse receding gums.

If you are at risk for developing gum disease or notice that your teeth have become very sensitive, you can take steps to reverse receding gums and improve your oral health. Many people develop gum recession when they are using the wrong tooth brushing technique or if they have bruxism. Any habits that wear down the gums can make the gums recede. However, there are some things you can do to prevent gum recession from occurring in the first place.

How to Prevent Receding Gums in Oakley, CA

If you are noticing that your gums are wearing away or you have symptoms of periodontal disease, you must seek treatment as soon as possible. Some of the best ways to reverse receding gums include:

Using the right brushing techniques
Some people apply too much pressure when brushing their teeth, or they use the wrong type of toothbrush. This can damage the gums and cause gum recession.
Refraining from teeth grinding and clenching
Some people grind their teeth without realizing it, especially at night.
Getting treatment for a misaligned bite
Misalignment can put pressure on certain areas of the mouth and damage the gums, leading to recession.
Avoiding tobacco use or parafunctional habits
Breaking bad habits such as using tobacco and chewing on hard objects can help protect the gums from receding.
Wearing a nightguard
This appliance can protect your gums and teeth from grinding habits while you sleep.

There are several things you can do to reverse receding gums and maintain optimal oral health in Oakley, CA. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary today!